Riding & Itinerary

This is a trip for those wishing to experience Transylvania’s unspoilt countryside and unique culture.

We offer 2 options, one starting every other week:

Long ride

6-nights, 5 riding days

Short ride

6-nights, 3 riding days and 2 non-riding days on the Prince's and the Count's estates


Riding days are generally between 3 and 6 hours in the saddle, with breaks to rest and for lunch. When moving accommodation at night on the circuit outings, luggage is transported for you by back-up vehicle. Rides are lead by two guides, one English speaking, and groups are usually limited to a maximum of 8 riding guests. The minimum no of persons for a tour to depart is 3 participants.


The rides are at a moderate pace overall, with routes taking you through forest and up and down mountain tracks. There are lots of opportunities for trots and canters each day as much of the riding is across open grassland. There is a little road work each day (some on tar roads) in the vicinity of the villages you pass through, but roads are generally very quiet with little motorised traffic.

Riding Experience

To participate in these rides you should have a reasonable amount of previous riding experience. The terrain is varied and you cover about 120km during the week. The minimum requirement is that you are comfortable and secure in the saddle at a walk, trot and canter and are used to riding in open country and over different types of terrain. The horses used are sensible and well mannered to ride so they are well suited to people of intermediate riding ability and above. You should also be reasonably riding fit to take part and we recommend you ride regularly at home before the trip, so that you will be prepared for the hours you will spend in the saddle. We accept riders of up to 90kg bodyweight.


The area you ride through is unspoilt and almost untouched by tourism. Some of the riding is through forest and up and down hills and there are one or two places where riders might need to dismount to walk over rough ground, depending on conditions - a good chance to stretch your legs! However overall the area is excellent for riding, with plenty of space, wonderful open pastures full of wild flowers in the spring, varied scenery and many wonderful views. There is also much to see of cultural interest, with many local people living in conditions that have changed little for hundreds of years and with horses still widely used for ploughing fields and pulling carts.


Most rides are run from set dates between April and October when the weather in the area is best. In spring and early summer the ground is scattered with wild flowers; in August and September the hay fields are harvested and the countryside is busy with horse drawn carts; later in September and in October the forests are full of colour with the changing leaves. Average daytime temperatures between April and October are roughly as follows - April 11°C; May 16°C; June 19°C; July 21°C; August 21°C; September 18°C; October 13°C - though it may be about 5 degrees hotter at midday and about 5 degrees colder at nightfall. Rain is possible at any time so you need to be prepared for this.

Your stay contributes to the sustainable development of Transylvania and to the preservation of its cultural and natural heritage. The Kálnoky Foundation collaborates with The Prince of Wales's Foundation in Romania.