Horses & Tack

Our current breeds are Shagya-Arabian, Lipizzaner, Gidran, Lipizzaner’s sure-footed crosses with Hutzuls, the Carpathian mountain ponies and the Turkmen Akhal Teke know for their speed, endurance and intelligence. They range from around 14.2hh to 17hh. They are keen and spirited, adaptable and well suited to the going, which can get rough and is steep in places. They are also of calm temperament and sensible to handle. As every horse and every rider are different, we match horse-rider couples during a personal meeting before the trek. English general purpose saddles are used and saddle bags are provided. The horses are ridden in snaffle bridles. NO western / American style saddles are available. Please bring your own hats, gelly pads or sheep skins, gloves, boots, etc.

Your stay contributes to the sustainable development of Transylvania and to the preservation of its cultural and natural heritage. The Kálnoky Foundation collaborates with The Prince of Wales's Foundation in Romania.