Riding Through a Piece of Heaven

Weekend rides at Count Kálnoky's

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Our Riding Concept

Enjoy Transylvania’s historical landscape of endless rolling hills adorned by wild flower meadows, forests and tiny villages, set against the backdrop of the Carpathian mountain range. This may well be Europe’s last riding heaven!

The concept of our treks is to introduce our guests right into the heart of our culture – where horses have kept their original role. The ride is led through unmarked terrain, over hills and through forests, connecting one small village to another by unnoticeable tracks used by horses and carts. Up to 8 riders are led by 2 local guides. The small groups (often made up of a number of people who have booked separately ) make for friendly and interesting riding. We also often run private rides for closed groups of up to 8 riders who know each-other. The minimum no of persons for a tour to depart is 3 participants.

The full trail ride takes 5 days in the saddle, a shorter 3-day version and day-rides are also possible.

The rides have often been described as a Tolstoy-esque experience, being accommodated in Count Kálnoky's Guesthouses and Castle at Miklósvár and at King Charles III' private retreat; but our guests are also fond of getting an insight into the reality of the region by staying 2 nights in villager's homes during the 5-day ride. Evening meals are served together as table d’hôte at the accommodations. 

Our rides are unforgettable experiences for all fans of Tolstoy, Patrick Leigh Fermor, Miklos Banffy, William Blacker, Agatha Christie, and for all those who wish to discover this enchanting place before it changes all too much.

The Horses

The Kalnokys set up their first formal regiment of Hussars in 1741. Horses have always played an important role for us, as they have for our people: the Szeklers claim to be descended from Attila and the Huns. Our current breeds are the Hussar’s Shagya-Arabian, Lipizzaner, the Hungarian Cavalry’s Gidran, and Lipizzaner’s sure-footed crosses with mountain ponies.

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To participate in these rides you should have a reasonable amount of previous riding experience. The terrain is varied and you will cover about 120km during the course of the week. You should be comfortable and secure in the saddle at a walk, trot and canter and used to riding in open country and over different types of terrain. Our horses are sensible and well-mannered to ride, so they are well suited to people of intermediate riding ability and above. You should also be reasonably riding fit to take part and we recommend you ride regularly at home before the trip so that you get used to the hours you will spend in the saddle. We accept riders of up to 90kg bodyweight.

Riding Details & Itinerary

Accommodation & Meals

Accommodation on the ride is quite varied and you will experience life as the locals live in the village, but also enjoy the vernacular charms of Count Kalnoky’s and King Charles III' private retreat (see itinerary details). Meals are cooked locally and served as table d’hôte. There is a set menu with no choice à la carte, but dietary requirements can be met with prior notice.

Dates & Prices

We have named each tour after the wild flowers that are typically blossoming on those dates. Prices are shown as 'All Inclusive', with accommodation, meals (excl. drinks), guiding and luggage transfer included. Day rides and riding lessons are priced separately. Travel and transfers are not included.

Dates & Prices

Evening Walk and Hot Tub Bath

Mingle with the forest's creatures when they venture out at dusk during an evening walk through the King's property. This is an opportunity to spot bears, deer, foxes, wild cats, owls, etc... Alternatively you can enjoy a muscle-relaxing bath in the wood-fired saltwater hot tub after your ride.

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Location & Contact

Count Kalnoky’s Riding Treks in Transylvania
527165 Valea Crișului, nr. 5A
Jud. Covasna, Transilvania, Romania

GSM: +40 742 20 25 86
GPS: N 45.91689° E 25.77739°

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Your stay contributes to the sustainable development of Transylvania and to the preservation of its cultural and natural heritage. The Kálnoky Foundation collaborates with The Prince of Wales's Foundation in Romania.